Wordbrain Themes

WordBrain Themes

WordBrain Themes

Wordbrain is a fun-packed, mind-blogging game accredited to MAG interactive. The game provides a set of scrambled letters and requires a player to arrange the letters in a grid and form a proper word. It starts off easy and becomes progressively challenging as the player advances through more rounds.

MAG Interactive recently added an extra flare to the original Wordbrain by creating customized themes for the game, allowing users to enjoy the game in totally different settings. Thus Wordbrain themes was born. The Wordbrain recreation is available in both Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. Wordbrain themes, launched in 2016 has an average star rating of 4.4 and received over one million downloads on PlayStore alone. (check yourself)

Just as the name suggests, in the new Wordbrain game, each set of puzzles has a theme, for instance, music, or food, human body, weather and many more. All of the words for that puzzle coincide with that specific theme. The themes are quite many and levels numerous, so any user will be able to get access to game play for hours on end

How to play

The first thing to do is select your game pack. For new players, the first pack is ‘word newbie’ and has two themes, food and music, which in turn have five levels each. The newbie pack is more of a tutorial section and helps beginners familiarize with the game. Once you finish arranging all the words correctly for each theme, you can move on to the next theme. You can start either with the music theme or food theme, the choice is yours really.

You cannot jump from one level before completing the pre-selected one. On completing both themes, a new game pack will automatically unlock itself. The other remaining game packs have four themes and each has five levels. You will basically have to complete all levels in one theme, get onto the next theme, do the same and finish that game pack in order to be able to unlock another.

In Wordbrain Themes you will have to two or more words in each level, and there are no extra letters on the board at any given time. Also, hints are provided to help you progress with the game, and once you complete a game pack, you are rewarded with an extra hint! The game does get addictive and more challenging with each pack. It will get even the smartest person down on his knees.

Wordbrain Themes Tips

Try to save as many of your hints as you can, even if the level you are on seems to be really difficult as the beginning. This is because as mentioned earlier the game does get tricky as you move forward. It is advisable that you save these hints for later when you will really need them otherwise you will get stuck for a really long time.

Now, if you’re seriously stuck consider looking up some of the words on the internet, or watch YouTube videos of people who have successfully managed to get through these levels. The game isn’t timed, so there is enough time for you to do this. This definitely counts as cheating, but it’s totally up to you. One of resources I personally follow for cheats and sulotions is gamesolver.net This is the list of solved games: Words Crush, WordBrain, WordBrain Themes, Word Trek. Wordbrain Themes answers can be found from this link.

The developers of Wordbrain themes change the game from time to time, and each time it gets better. The game truly is exceptional and deserves a credit score of 8.5/10.