Awesome Paid Android Games

android-gamesAndroid Games are a pretty nice way to focus when we’re not active on the moment. For example, if we’re in a situation where we have no internet connection and are just waiting for someone to come and take us back to the store/home.
Most android games are actually fun to play, you just have to know what you like and stick with that. The most paid games on android usually are the ones that have a storyline and can be played online (there are others that can be played online which are free, of course).
One example of a storyline game is GTA: San Andreas, which costs about 6,99$. This game not only is known to be a celebrity on android but also its main platform which is PC/console.
Takin’ up the bike, ridin’ through the cars and getting ready for the mission is a good way for CJ to start the day and make some cash $$.In terms of the graphics, yeah, it looks pretty awesome, you just have to own the right phone in order to make the experience enjoyable enough to be played. This game requires some characteristics of the technological components of the device in order to make it enjoyable. Some say it’s about optimization issues that on some devices works better and on some others not so good but not being related to the characteristics of the phone.Whatever the case, this is a pretty awesome game.
N.O.V.A. 3 is also a good candidate here. This a first-person shooter (fps). The storyline of this game goes around like this: the Earth is no longer available to live on the crust and huge satellites were built for people to live on them. They are also known as ‘Near Orbitals’. Humans formed an organization called “Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance” so that they could defend from possible threats against the area. It works fine on most android phones nowadays (respecting the minumum of a GPU Mali 400MP, Arm v7 architecture and 512MB Ram.)
This one costs about 6,99$ and has a decent rating (65.206 users voted positive).
And… how can we forget the game Max Payne? I’ve played it on PC and it was really awesome. On android phones also looks undoubtly amazing. You start in the apartment with the murders inside and walk up the stairs the find a woman screaming out. The sound effects on this game also catch the player. A little bit further you go and kill some kidnappers near the subway and find the way out of there. Painkillers need their credit.
Since it owns a variety of effects, like Bullet Time shootings along with jumping and aim effect, this game requires a minimum of 1GB Ram, a chipset like Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon S3 (preferably higher) and a GPU Adreno 220+.
In terms of the price, it costs around 3$ and is significantly appreciated by the game community (22000 positive votings) on Google Play.
There are also other games like Spider-Man with a price like 7$. Storyline is just incredible. Owning a great way to face threats from the evil plans of the bad guys, climbing, jumping and using the spider web to catch the side of the building in order to protect yourself from being hit. Requires minimum of 512Ram and a PowerVR SGX540 or equivalent to play smoothly. The community greatly appreciates this game with a number of 84.045 positive votings on Google Play Store.